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Following some requests from the local community , the partners of Nutfield Green Park are pleased to be able to extend the consultation period until the New Year.

We would be happy to receive any comments or suggestions about the proposed development until Friday 8 January 2021.

The purpose of the consultation is to provide a valuable discussion point about the proposed development; a forum to address any concerns and to clarify anything that needs further explanation.

In our experience open discussions at an early stage lead to better and more satisfactory outcomes for everyone. We been holding some outdoor small group meetings which have been helpful to those concerned and consequently having had some positive conversations and he has been able to offer some mitigations already as a result of that engagement. Obviously with the further restrictions now in place those meetings are not possible but we are still happy to meet via video conferencing on Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

We are concerned to hear anecdotally that people in the community are being told that they should not speak to us or engage in the consultation process. We feel we are open to making any improvements to the proposals that are practicable for the long term benefit of the local community so welcome any conversations with members of the local community.

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.