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The Vision

The partners of Nutfield Green Park; The Brookmead Trust, Consero Holdings, The Geoghegan Group and Down to Earth Developments are proposing to bring forward an exciting multi-facetted development scheme that will create a synergy between the newly built environment and the natural environment in which it is set.

The partners are part of the vanguard of an enlightened approach to development ensuring that it makes a positive contribution to the local community, sets high standards of sustainability and delivers a beautiful place to live, work and visit. The strategy is to establish a blueprint for responsible, sustainable and well considered development that results in an enduringly vibrant community.

Central to the vison for Nutfield Green Park is a determination to create an exceptional development that has a beneficial legacy in the spirit of Garden Villages. The vision is supported by the following objectives:


The partners recognise the need for Nutfield Green Park to be designed, delivered and managed to maximise the opportunities to promote good health and wellbeing. They have taken time to consider all the place making factors involved in creating a vibrant location to live, work and play which will include a diversity of types and tenures of homes that encourage life-long living within the area; rehabilitation and respite care facilities, a wide range of leisure opportunities, green spaces and active travel in a healthy natural environment. This place making focussed approach contrasts with other developers who just deliver houses. These carefully designed components make for a locally unique proposition.

“Human Society and the beauty of nature are meant to be enjoyed together”
Ebenezer Howard, founder of the Garden Village Movement

A perspective view of Church Meadow

The Natural Environment

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the importance of access to green space for everyone. It is vital that part of the response to the pandemic is to make a step change in the way new developments are created ensuring that an integrated approach to homes, health and wellbeing is an essential part of the concept. There is a direct link between contact with nature and wellbeing. Being in nature, looking at nature and interacting with nature evokes good feelings, happiness and relaxation. The contentment that comes from a connection to the natural environment is something that is a fundamental requirement for us to thrive physically and mentally. Placing all development in densely populated areas and separating people from meaningful contact with nature has a detrimental effect.

The benefits of access to green space has been recognised in strategy papers brought forward in the last few months by the NHS, the Environment Agency, Natural England and the Royal Town Planning Institute to name a few. The aspiration that new homes should be connected to nature; green space; trees and meadowland; blue space; lakes and ponds, and that connection should be utilised to increase physical and mental health and wellbeing will be realised in full at Nutfield Green Park.

Health and Wellbeing

The provision of a variety of sports facilities and accessible open space is one of the key aspects of the plans for Nutfield Green Park. There is a strong health and wellbeing agenda that will support healthier lifestyles in the area and help further community cohesion. The plans for the Wellbeing Centre with an accessible NHS GP surgery and pharmacy as well as the Rehabilitation and Respite Care Facility and further opportunities for access to other physical and mental health therapies are a key benefits for future residents and the wider community.

A perspective view of the Wellbeing Centre

Sustainability and innovation

The partners of Nutfield Green Park have commissioned a study into ways in which the development can meet the objective of being as truly sustainable as possible. The development will be built to Future Home Standards to enable the delivery of a low carbon scheme and consideration is being given to increasing sustainability through modern methods of construction by using materials and techniques that reduce environmental impact. Efficient and renewable energy sources are being explored as well as water reduction and conservation and the minimisation of waste. The water run off from buildings will be filtered and will be managed in the lakes, wetlands and seasonal habitats. All the spoil from the construction works will be reused in the construction of the Activity Park together with other recycled materials. Nutfield Green Park will incorporate the latest digital technologies that are available.


The emphasis within the development will be to encourage sustainable active travel as the first option by creating attractive walking and cycle routes in the neighbourhood with good connections to the local area. There are well established public transport routes with buses running to Redhill and Godstone and beyond. The station at South Nutfield is easily accessible as is the main line station at Redhill with frequent trains to London. For car users, the development will benefit from a direct link to the A25. Electric vehicle charging points will be provided throughout the development and opportunities for a community car-pool and community buses are to be explored.


The Wellbeing Centre and Activity Park together with the Rehabilitation and Respite Care Facility and the Extra Care Apartments will create an estimated 200 long term, diverse, job opportunities helping to increase the social sustainability of the development. During the construction phase the housing will provide further employment of up to 130 jobs. The employment opportunities will help to maintain a vibrant day time economy in the area which is a distinct advantage in an area with a traditionally high level of out commuting.

A perspective view of the Grange Care Home and Rehabilitation Centre

Community Benefits

Taking inspiration from the principles that guide the Garden Village movement, Nutfield Green Park will result in wider community benefits that would normally only be realised in a development of a significantly larger scale adding to the health and wellbeing, sustainability and biodiversity of the local area as well as the new development.

Nutfield Green Park will provide an enlarged car park for St Peter and St Paul Church, Nutfield, along Church Hill Road, as well as the part provision of a footpath to access the woodland cemetery owned by the Parish, allowing visitors to use the new car park facility at the Wellbeing Centre which will overcome the conflicting use of the layby on the A25 which is used by other vehicles to the detriment of funeral attendees.

Long Term Stewardship

As the landowner, the Brookmead Trust is committed to the long-term stewardship of Nutfield Green Park, protecting the green and blue infrastructure and ensuring that the objectives and values of the development are safeguarded for the future.