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Wellbeing Centre

The Wellbeing Centre and its associated car parking will be located in the south west of the site. It will be recessed into the steep slope left by historic mineral extraction, making innovative use of the existing landform.

When approached from the car park only the top level will be visible with its natural sedum roof. From the rear of the building the full-length balcony will overlook a lake and the surrounding landscape.It will provide facilities intended not only to support the Activity Park infrastructure but to enhance the sustainability of the local area by providing important services that are currently not available to the local community at present.

It will provide easy local access to an NHS GP surgery and pharmacy, a community shop, restaurant and café, creche, a business hub, indoor and outdoor gyms as well as changing rooms, toilets and appropriate medical and sport treatment facilities and an outdoor children’s play area. The quality of the facility will enhance the experience for all regular or causal users and contribute to the development as a centre of excellence for outdoor activity.

The Wellbeing Centre has been designed to exemplify sustainability, energy conservation and energy production from renewable sources wherever possible:

A perspective view of the Wellbeing Centre

Conceptual ideas for the Wellbeing Centre

Nutfield Green Park would like to encourage small local businesses and is receptive to interest from locally based retailers, children’s care givers, early years practitioners, physiotherapists, sports therapists, personal trainers and related fitness and wellbeing businesses in creating a facility that complements the principal concept of the homes, outdoor Activity Park, Rehabilitation and Respite Care Facility with its specialist emphasis on maximising recovery, as well as the Extra Care Apartments.

Interactive information displays will be created in the Wellbeing Centre which will provide an opportunity to learn more about the natural environment and its flora and fauna in which Wellbeing Centre and the Activity Park are set together with information about the history of the site which is rooted in mineral extraction and processing. There are many educational engagement opportunities for physical or environmental activities.

There will be some dedicated staff accommodation units at the Activity Park and Wellbeing Centre to ensure that the Activity Park can operate safely from early in the morning until late at night.